Everything you need to know about Serviced Offices

Falling under the “flexible workspace” category, a serviced office is an office that is fully equipped with shared work amenities and managed by a facility management company. A serviced office usually consists of multiple different businesses, which is why they are usually divided into smaller, individual offices or floors. This way, different businesses can occupy their own section of the office for ideal independence and privacy. Serviced offices usually include shared spaces and amenities, such as a pantry, reception, event space, etc. This type of workspace can also be referred to as business centres, executive centres, or managed offices and are often located in business districts around the globe.

If you are familiar with the concept of serviced offices and are ready to search for one, it may be helpful to read the latest article in our series, How to find a perfect Office. This article will give you more specific tips on choosing the best serviced office for your company.


Similar to how coworking spaces are great for startups, small businesses and even corporates looking for collaboration and creativity, serviced offices are catered to businesses who want their own private office while still benefiting from the shared workspace amenities.

When considering if a serviced office is right for you, it is key to understand the physical workspace. While coworking spaces usually follow an open space concept (designed for collaboration and sharing), serviced offices are more compartmentalized. Typically, these spaces are broken up into individual “cubicle style” desks, or private offices and suites for individuals or teams. Serviced offices are geared towards individual work. However, some serviced offices offer hot desking and dedicated desks as well. Additionally, serviced offices have more of a corporate/professional look and feel. The mood and colors will be much more toned down as compared to a coworking space, and the design is not necessarily curated for everyday collaboration. This, however, is great for many, as it allows for more independent, quiet, head-down work.

Regarding size, serviced offices are occupied by businesses of all sizes — from one to two-man teams to teams of 30 or more. It is very common for corporations to occupy serviced offices for short-term projects, or during office relocation or renovation.


There are many benefits to renting out a serviced office. Serviced offices strike a great balance between private and communal working. One can still reap the benefits of a communal workspace, such as meeting rooms, a pantry, and printing equipment, yet also get the head-down work time that is key to business growth. Community and networking opportunities, for instance, may be offered in a serviced office. For example, year-end parties, special cocktails hours. The networking events will be slightly toned down than it would be within a coworking space.

The benefits of occupying a serviced office are vast. Whether it’s the great on-hand IT staff ready to help you or the secretarial services at your fingertips, serviced offices seem to have it all. Look out for an upcoming blog article about the top reasons to consider a serviced office for you and your team.


Here are the four general things to look for when renting out a serviced office in Ho Chi Minh City: (1) workspace design, (2) location, (3) workspace amenities and (4) flexibility to scale up/scale down. There are also more specific aspects that one should look for when joining a space. Some people, for instance, may absolutely need 24/7 access to their serviced office. This could mean they need a secured door access and also have individual aircon units (or for aircon to be available after business hours). Another thing that can’t be forgotten is to observe the available food and beverage options around your potential serviced office space. If you enjoy eating healthy, you wouldn’t want to only be surrounded by fast food chains, for instance. Although food options may not initially seem like your top priority, it could culminate into a bigger issue in the future. Also, don’t forget about your commute time. All these specifics add up!


People are often inquiring about the price of serviced offices in Ho Chi Minh City. The cost of renting in Ho Chi Minh City will vary depending on the serviced office space and the product you’re looking for. Please get in contact with a Workyos space expert to explore further questions regarding price.


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